Nuvo Group USA, Inc.

Main Profile

Nuvo Group USA, Inc.

Nuvo creates and manufactures innovative developmental products that stimulate, educate and challenge – as well as being fun to use.
Nuvo labs and research teams focus on providing targeted answers to recognized needs - whether for prenatal or early childhood applications.
Acclaimed for using imaginative designs, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced materials, Nuvo solutions address the needs and lifestyles of modern parents and their kids.

Products include:
Ritmo™ — Bonding Through Music
Ritmo enables pregnant moms to utilize music to promote bonding and stimulate prenatal development. Ritmo Prenatal, the ultimate prenatal auditory stimulation system is based on scientific research and academic publications. Ritmo Prenatal produces surround sound at a strictly controlled audio level that ensures absolute safety for all users.

Fresko — A New Concept in Playhouses
Kids love playing house. This is where they act out their dreams, learn social patterns, and let their imaginations fly.
Fresko introduces an exciting new playhouse concept that offers kids a self-contained world of creativity and development.
Guided by child psychologists and therapists, Fresko gives kids from 18 months to 5 years, what they really need – a clearly defined space that’s their own, that’s private and where they make the rules.

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Phone: (888) 688-6462
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