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Remember when a toy could captivate a child’s attention and stimulate their imagination without the aid of a computer chip? We at Babalu, Inc. feel that child’s play is important business. Too important in fact, to leave it up toys that quite frankly “do” so much while ironically doing so little.

That’s why we created FeltTales - a new line of artfully designed classic felt storyboards designed to inspire young minds. Children ages 3-7 can use the 20+ movable pieces in bright captivating colors to create their own stories and scenes for hours of open ended play.

Babalu, Inc. was launched in 2006 to better a classic toy tradition with the introduction of the FeltTales brand. Its founder, Blair Everett, has an exceptional thirty-year career in the toy business and he brings that knowledge and commitment to the growing FeltTales collection.

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