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Baby Belly Botanicals

Baby Belly Botanicals : Offers products to induce labor naturally and increase low milk supply.

Home of LaborBoost™ Labor Cream

You asked for it… you got it! LaborBoost Labor Cream is the new, improved successor to the popular Labor Balm by Baby Belly Boutique.

  • Stimulates labor naturally and reduces pain
  • Powerful herbal blend to increase and promote regular contractions
  • Used and recommended by midwives and doulas
  • Cream formula is fast absorbing, non-greasy
  • Gentle alternative to a hospital induction
  • 100% Natural and Paraben Free
  • Relaxing essential oils - Vanilla and Lavender
2281 Spinnaker Circle • Longmont, Colorado 80503
Contact: Debbie Kaliszewski
Phone: (303) 651-1983
Fax: (303) 651-1983


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