Babybellyband, by CABEA Orthopedic Designs, Co.

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Babybellyband, by CABEA Orthopedic Designs, Co.

Relieve symptoms associated with pregnancy, back, hernia, pelvic floor and lymphedema, discomforts with innovative designs by CABEA® Orthopedic Designs , Co. The Baby belly band System of Support, unlike any other maternity support wear on the market, is a patented product with a unique abdominal support belt, shoulder straps, and custom compression therapy groin bands which can be purchased independently and fastened together with Velcro depending every woman’s support needs. The Babybellyband® can be used from the very beginning of pregnancy through postpartum and even beyond! The mission of CABEA® Orthopedic Designs, Co not only to provide the highest quality maternity and hernia support products to women across the globe, but also to educate women on reversing and preventing pregnancy discomforts. By taking care of ourselves through all stages of pregnancy and beyond we can experience a more healthful life.

210 Holabird Ave • Studio 509 • Winsted, Connecticut 06098
Contact: Caroline Christensen, CEO
Phone: (860) 238-7788


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