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Bao Bei™ Maternity

Using her knowledge as a Women’s Health specialist, awareness of current design trends and her unique style, Suzanne Koval impacts the fashion industry with Bao Bei™ Maternity.

As a clinician with years of medical experience, Suzanne brings a leading approach to maternity wear design. Her debut collection offers stylish, functional selections in active, casual and lounge styles all crafted using high quality fabrics. With the introduction of belli therapé™ construction, the needs of the prenatal body are embraced throughout the entire pregnancy.

Bao Bei™ apparel inspires women to enjoy a healthy and active pregnancy. Realizing the importance of prenatal exercise as well as pure comfort, the collection emphasizes therapeutic support and ease of movement. Wear Bao Bei™ and experience impeccable fit, an overlay of function, and style that blends contemporary with scientific innovation!

428 Alice Street • Suite 707 • Oakland, California 94607
Phone: (510) 984-5280
Fax: (510) 984-5281


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