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Mayreau - 1 In The Oven™

1 In The Oven™ is a lifestyle brand that fulfills the ever changing needs of today’s pregnant women and mothers. Head designer & owner Gabrielle Docktor’s inspiration to not only bring better fashion but function to maternity and nursing wear, has sparked a clothing line that blends amazing style with the highest comfort.

As a company, 1 in the Oven is committed to the highest standard of creativity, innovation, and quality in design. Everyday, the company seeks out new ways to connect and serve customers around the world, provide exclusive designs and make motherhood as fashionable as it is beautiful.

1 in the Oven is proud to announce the most recent addition to its family, Mayreau™. This “during and after” style maternity line is the perfect compliment to 1 in the Oven. Both Mayreau and 1 in the Oven can be found in fine boutiques and department stores all around the world.

212 26th St. • Suite 114 • Santa Monica, California 90402
Contact: Gabrielle
Phone: (310) 922-3280
Fax: (424) 248-0705


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