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Kids get dibs on the future. Let’s give them a good one.

Imagine you’re a kid. Your whole life’s in front of you.

But so are melting ice caps, shrinking rain forests, and all kinds of other bad-dreamy things. No fair!

Kids need clothes, but they also need a healthy abundant world. Barley & birch was created to give them both.

Our shirts, one-piece, pants and hats are made in the USA using 100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks. (They don’t pollute the earth, water, or expose farm workers to toxins.)

Also, at least 15% of our profits go to several carbon-reducing initiatives in order to fully offset the carbon emissions that result from the production of our garments.

And at least another 15% goes to organizations that improve people’s lives around the world.

We’re at a critical point in the earth’s survival (just ask any scientist!). So let’s all get busy and start turning things around.

590 Three Rivers Ct. • Defiance, Ohio 43512
Contact: Kyle Smitley
Phone: (619) 339-5167