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The Bensimon collection is chic and simple, yet luxurious, reflecting the essence of Parisian style. The brand’s connection with basic and wearable luxury stems from Bensimon’s grandfather, beginning the family business of importing American footwear after World War II.

When Serge Bensimon launched modern Bensimon in the seventies in Paris, the shoe become legendary for its timeless yet modern appeal. What began as a collection inspired by Army surplus for men, women and children has evolved into a full lifestyle collection that has stayed true to its original mission, but over the last thirty years has become iconic of the basic French style.

Made of essential and simple fabrics, canvas and rubber, La tennis Bensimon is comfortable and versatile enough to wear year round. The shoes are flexible and easy to care for, which makes them perfect for travel recreation. The collection is offered in four classic styles that make up a core collection: lacet, elastique, mid, and ballerine.

Today, the brand has its own stores and is carried by over 1000 retailers in France and Belgium, and now the iconic French shoe has launched their line in the United States. Fashion designers Chanel, Bali Barret, Cacharel, Corso Como, and Michael Klein have customized the iconic shoe to make it their own. Legendary fashion icons Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin turned Bensimon into a household name when they adopted the shoe as a style staple. Style mavens Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss and Liv Tyler have already picked up pairs of the stylish shoes in Europe. Season to season, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and more have featured the shoe as a must-have. This wardrobe staple imbues any outfit with a sense of “joie de vivre” (joy of living).


5 Basic Styles: Lacet (lace-up), Elastique (slip-on), Mid-Top, Nils (bootie), Ballerine (ballerina)

Price point: $45-85 Retail

Care: Machine wash, air dry. Soak in vinegar/water mix to increase color fastness.

Sizing: 36 = 5.5, 37 = 6/6.5, 38 = 7/7.5, 39 = 8/8.5, 40 = 9, 41 = 9.5/10

Fit: When in doubt, size up. It is better to have more room.

Colors: all 5 basic styles come in 20-25 colors per season!

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