Bertish & Co. Ltd (Zuma the Dog)

Colourful clothes for cool kids

Main Profile

Bertish & Co. Ltd (Zuma the Dog)

Zuma the Dog is a creative and fun loving children’s lifestyle brand and the trademark of Bertish & Company Ltd which was incorporated in 2009 with the first range launching in the UK at the end of that same year. Dedicated to keeping the worlds kids in quality and lovingly designed fashion and based in the UK, this brand was inspired by a need for a change in the UK kids clothing retail market giving more options for parents and children. With personal experience with the founders frustration in trying to find good quality clothing in bright colours all year round for her son, Samantha Morgan-Bertish ‘s mission was to create a product that would give parents more choice while creating a more colourful clothing wardrobe for their children. Aiming to promote confidence and good self esteem in young people, to be fun, loud, proud and stand out in the crowd. With 15 years experience within the clothing manufacture, design and sales business Zuma the Dog’s founder and creator spent a lot of time sourcing the right factory and making sure samples were good enough to make the vision come true. Soon the brand got off the ground and into the UK marketplace and this colourful casual wear band was born. Excluding blues and pinks and opting for orange, yellow and green with high quality, bold, unisex styling and items that can easily be passed down the sibling ranks.

28 Actis Road • Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8DX • United Kingdom
Contact: Samantha Morgan
Phone: 00351 938 777 006