Bibi & Mimi

Peace. Love. Baby “Baby gifts packaged with love”

Main Profile

Bibi & Mimi

Bibi & Mimi is an award winning company that creates baby accessories, shoes, socks, diaper bags and gifts that are uniquely gift packaged. Our love for children is our biggest inspiration for creating all the colorful, expressive, humorous and adorable products that are outstanding in the children’s market. We are committed to creating high quality products with modern flare that offers value for the little ones in our lives.

Located in New York City, Bibi & Mimi is a newborn in the baby industry. Founded in January 2007, the company which started with a single one-piece design has blossomed and now offers baby shoes, gifts, apparel, accessories and diaper bags. First adored by local stores in NY, B&M now enjoys a great following in retailers around the country and the world. High quality, innovative design, comfort, unique packaging and value established Bibi & Mimi as one of the fastest growing brands in the baby industry.

4751 33rd Street • Suite 3-6 • Long Island City, New York 11101
Phone: (718) 383-1452
Fax: (718) 383-1453