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Lily and Melanie did! Who are Lily and Melanie? They are sisters living in a typical house, attending a typical school, in a typical town in the Atlanta area. But then they did something extraordinary. They started a business. Their mom, Retha Sandler, was born and raised in Upper Michigan. Midwesterners are deeply connected with their culture and their neighbors. Crafting and cooking is passed down from generation to generation. These skills and values traveled with Lily and Melanie’s mom all the way to Georgia, where the Sandler family now lives. Of course, the cooking and crafting have always been a part of Lily and Melanie’s lives. The family is always cooking up something new and exciting. The experimenting was bound to lead to something big. In this case, it lead to Blamtastic Lip Balms.

325 Rossiter Ridge • Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
Phone: (770) 777-2526


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