Blue Baby Bum

Handmade by moms with baby love!

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Blue Baby Bum

Blue Baby Bum was created in 2013 by a mom whom after having her son and not being thrilled with the usability and designs of numerous baby products she came up with the idea of creating more sensible products and making the lives of parents a little easier. Daunted by the high cost of child care, Ms. Landeros decided to start a business that could also help other parents, where arriving at meetings with a baby was a positive selling point and not a disadvantage.

She was inspired to call her company “Blue Baby Bum” after her son’s ever-present and distinctive blue bottom. Working in between naps and after everyone in the family was down for the night, she designed, cut and produced the prototypes for an innovative combination Car Seat and Stroller Canopy that could be used from birth to four years old – a major leap in the usability and convenience of any such product in the market.

She also designed and created a revolutionary Car Seat Blankie and Stroller Blankie which can be attached to either a car seat or stroller and always remains ready to be deployed when needed, simplifying one more necessity for parents who no longer must remember to bring a baby blanket every time they go out of the house.

Ms. Landeros is determined to maintain her vision of keeping Blue Baby Bum a wholesome, parent-friendly company that not only employs stay at home moms but also focuses in making the world a better place for less privileged children. To achieve this goal, Blue Baby Bum has committed to donating a percentage of sales to help children in need in the US and around the world.

340 N. Oakhurst DR. 205 • Beverly Hills, California 90210
Contact: Mayte Landeros
Phone: (310) 970-4951