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Once upon a time, on a blustery Nebraska day, Laura Ludwin peeked into her toddler’s room. Cole was asleep, his face pressed against the books stacked in the corner of his crib. How could she keep her son’s favorite books off the mattress, she wondered, yet within easy reach when he woke? Laura searched stores, specialty cataloges, and Web sites, but found no magical solution. So, intent on creating her own magic, Laura visited a local fabric shop and put her sewing machine to work. There, BOOK FAIRY was born. The Tooth Fairy might be an occasional visitor, but the BOOK FAIRY visits each day and helps children develop a love of books.

1417 Pine Road • Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Contact: Laura Ludwin
Phone: (877) 886-7778
Local: (970) 988-6357
Fax: (402) 393-6334