Bowron Sheepskin

Handcrafted from the fiinest lambskin in New Zealand

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Bowron Sheepskin

Bowron sheepskin is the perfect result of the same methods pioneered in the 1880’s by the Bowron brothers from Yorkshire. Their unique 42 step tanning method has been constantly refined and now sits at the heart of the Bowron Sheepskin story. Bowron Sheepskin embodies unparalleled access to the finest raw materials available, cutting edge process innovation, environmental leadership, unrivaled manufacturing capacity, strong customer relationships, and a global distribution network that delivers the finest sheepskins to the very heart of world markets.

P.O. Box 17613 • Denver, Colorado 80216
Contact: David Hubbard / Cynthia Maisel
Phone: (800) 926-9766
Local: (303) 321-2226
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