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It all started in 2002, when BFF moms Cece Feiler and Heidi Haddad were at a restaurant with their hungry husbands and six kids and the service was slow. To avoid a mealtime meltdown, the two moms started asking questions to engage their kids and what was potentially a disastrous night turned into a magical night of bonding and sharing.

That night the first game in the successful Box of Questions® original series was launched. These clever, age-appropriate, party, and holiday themed question-games instantly unite any group while re-establishing the art of storytelling.

Since the first box sold, the Box Girls have sold over 550,000 Box of Questions and raised over $85,000 for charity.

13455 Ventura Blvd. • Suite #233 • Los Angeles, California 91423
Phone: (866) 966-9782
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