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Bubysums are “The soft sole shoe reinvented” Mom invented, tested and approved. They are a combination of a soft sole shoe and performance sock and can be worn in place of a traditional soft sole shoe indoor and out. Here are a few reasons they are even better:

They Fit More Feet!
Wide, narrow, chunky, thin, crooked or straight. Our children are all unique shapes and sizes especially when it comes to their feet and ankles. Bubysums molds to nearly each and every one of them with the fit and flexibility of a sock and the protection of a soft sole shoe.

Ease of Use: 2 Products in 1
Bubysums are a complete sock and shoe in one which makes them very easy and quick to put on for parents. Less things to lose or fuss with when getting dressed or packing for a trip.

Better Balance
Bubysums have a soft form fitting sole, great traction, snug flexible fit and are lightweight. All of these attributes will aid your cruiser or walker in feeling more balanced.

Stay On
Many babies and toddlers pull off heavy, bulky or loose fitting shoes almost immediately. You will find that they leave these shoes on because they are so comfy, snug and lightweight it feels almost like wearing nothing at all.

Easy Care
Machine washable!

- The sole is genuine suede leather and out-sole is genuine leather for durability.
- The performance sock is Nylon/Spandex for great stretch recovery, vibrant colors, natural anti-fungal qualities and a soft hand/feel.

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