Cezara(tm) belly support panty

terrific belly lift and back support, during pregnancy, after delivery, especially after a Cesarean - comfort whenever desired!

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Cezara(tm) belly support panty

Cezara(tm) was developed in association with Dr. Albert Tydings, who noted the physical changes that Cesareans and repeat Cesareans meant for his patients and wanted them to have comfortable support both before and after they give birth.

The solution - Cezara(tm) - stabilizes the lower abdomen and lifts the belly as it supports the back. Cezara(tm) comfortably lifts the belly away from weakened abdominal muscles and internal or external scar tissue during pregnancy, after delivery and during subsequent pregnancies. The internal padding protects and compresses recent scar tissue, aiding in healing.

Mom wears Cezara(tm) during pregnancy, takes it with her to deliver and resumes wearing it as soon as she receives medical permission to do so. She is comfortably supported, stands straighter and looks great; the internal padding cushions and compresses her lower abdomen and scar (if she has one) so she cares for her baby, babywears and nurses more comfortably.

Cezara(tm) is worn on its own or over a panty and is panty-sized from small (fits panty size 5) through 5-X (fits panty size 13).

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