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Chatti Patti

Liz Carlson’s inspiration to create her clothing line, Chatti Patti, came from her struggle to find clothing for her young daughter Samantha. She wanted age appropriate clothing that was fun for her daughter to wear, but yet functional. After searching, store after store, she realized she would have to design and make the clothing herself. As a stay at home mom, Liz, along with Samantha, handpicked all the fabrics and patterns to create the outfits. Liz did not want to dress her daughter as a “little grown-up” as most clothing companies design their clothes to look like. A lot of people ask where the name ” Chatti Patti” came from, this is Samantha’s nickname.

When Samantha started wearing her new clothing, everyone loved it! Not only other mom’s, but all the other children wanted Chatti Patti for themselves. So as you can see, this company started off as a “hobby” type business. Liz never expected such a high demand for her clothing. She came to the conclusion that she wanted her clothing to be accessible to everyone who wanted it, which meant she would need outside help. She constructed a web-site and hired reps to show her clothing. Chatti Patti is now sold all over the world.

Today’s consumer looks to Chatti Patti as providing stylish, contemporary and unique children’s clothing. In addition, we are dedicated to the quality of our products. Our clothes are not only fun and fashionable, but also well made, durable, long lasting and machine washable.

Chatti Patti has many loyal customers, and considers customer service a number one priority. As in every successful business, the customer’s happiness and satisfaction always comes first.

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