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Gone are the days of those awkward, intimidating, difficult to hold and use, unsanitary nasal bulb syringes!

Cleanoz® from UBIMED®, the first and only battery-operated child nasal aspirator to use disposable reservoir nozzles, is specially designed to eliminate bacteria build-up inside the mechanism to safeguard children from potentially harmful germs and other contaminants.

With standard nasal bulb syringes, bacteria and germs get trapped and can remain inside the syringe after use, even after they are rinsed and other battery operated nasal aspirators are not designed to block the secretions from getting inside the unit during the suction process, making them difficult to clean and secretions can contaminate the inside pump. dUnfortunately, neither of these types of child nasal aspirators can be taken apart or fully washed and decontaminated after each use. Cleanoz® is the ideal solution! Simply replace the disposable, flexible silicone reservoir nozzle tips after use (3 disposable tips are included with each unit).

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