Baby NäsaKleen - Nasal Aspirator By Squip, Inc.

The easy, comfortable, and safe method to rid small noses of excess mucus so that your baby can breathe, eat and sleep better!

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Baby NäsaKleen - Nasal Aspirator By Squip, Inc.

Baby NäsaKleen is a nasal aspirator used to gently remove excess mucus from babies’ noses. It is particularly recommended prior to feeding your baby or before sleeping. Baby NäsaKleen consists of a silicone nozzle, a plastic chamber with a hygiene filter, a tube and mouthpiece. The mucous is aspirated by placing the nozzle slightly inside the baby’s nose and gently applying suction through the mouthpiece. Unlike traditional baby bulb syringes or electrical aspirators, Baby NäsaKleen gives the parent continuous and complete control of the suction process for maximum safety, comfort and effectiveness.

Baby NäsaKleen can safely be used on newborns, infants, and small children.

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