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ZooPoo Kid's Shampoo

ZooPoo™ Kid’s Shampoo and bath toy is a line of bath ready, plush, friendly animals that your child will have hours of supervised enjoyment with in the bathtub. Not only is ZooPoo a bath toy, but it is also a unique shampoo bottle. A quick flip of the lid and a gentle squeeze of your ZooPoo’s belly, and your lil’ stinker will be washing with ZooPoo in no time.

ZooPoo’s lid is easy to remove so that you can refill it time and time again. Each ZooPoo sits upright once bath time is over so that your ZooPoo animal will thoroughly dry out before the next bath time.

ZooPoo stuffed animals are cute, silly, and ready for bath time! Let’s
face it, many kids favorite toys are stuffed animals. The one place in your home where there are no stuffed animals is the bathroom. Now that all can change! Let’s bring some more fun to bath time!

ZooPoo stuffed animals are specifically designed to be played with in the bath quickly making it a favorite bath time accessory. Each character is made with terry cloth and water wicking stuffing (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester), which makes them the perfect stuffed animal companion for bath time. The characters are deisgned to sit on the lid to the shampoo bottle. After bath time sit your ZooPoo animal on its cap on the side of the tub. Overnight the animal will completely dry. However they are more than just the only stuffed animals they can enjoy in the bath. Tucked inside each ZooPoo stuffed animal is a refillable 8 ounce shampoo bottle. Flip open the cap, give your ZooPoo animal a squeeze on the belly and it will “poo” out our special Tear Free ZooPoo Kids Shampoo! Kids love it!!! Once the 8 ounces of ZooPoo Tear free kids shampoo is gone, simply unscrew the flip cap and refill the animal with more ZooPoo Kids Shampoo!

ZooPoo Pals are Cuddly, Bubbly Bathtime Buddies

ZooPoo stuffed animals should always be used with adult supervision. Each toy has gone through multiple tests to make sure it is safe for our important customers. ZooPoo stuffed animals are made with all new material. They are lead free and Phthalates free. ZooPoo Stuffed animals are recommended for ages 3+.

Because ZooPoo stuffed animals are made for the water, they are machine washable. Make sure your ZooPoo Stuffed animal is empty of shampoo. Unscrew the cap and flush the inside of the shampoo bottle with water. Empty all the water, screw the cap back on and put in the washer on Gentle cycle. Once washing is complete let it sit out and air dry overnight. Fill up that fabulous toy the next day and you’re ready for more ZooPoo fun!

ZooPoo Shampoo is Tear-Free Rific!

ZooPoo Shampoo is made specifically for our most delicate customers, kids! Our formula has no harsh detergents to irritate sensitive eyes or skin and no numbing agents to mask harsh chemicals. It is formulated to be pH balanced and gentle. In fact ZooPoo is clear because we didn’t want to add anything more than what was necessary for our gentle tear free formula. ZooPoo Kids shampoo should always be used with adult supervision and never ingested. ZooPoo has also gone through extensive safety testing. It does not contain any lead or Phthalates.

Everyday Innovations Takes Ideas from Mind to Market

ZooPoo™ is being developed and marketed by Everyday Innovations, LLC.
It is the company’s mission to help everyday ideas go from mind to market.

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