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Corn Bag Critters

When I was growing up, one of the most profound influences in my life was my grandmother. She was no ordinary grandmother. Her most famous expression was “you cannot go to the doctor with every ache and pain”. With those famous words she would march to the cupboard and from her cornucopia of tinctures, balms, salves and herbs, she would present to us the one that she deemed “the cure”.

My favorite “cure” was the corn bag. Over the years the corn bag acted as a warm and cozy friend when I, as a child, was scared at night. It soothed my ear when I had terrible earaches. During adolescence it kept my cramps subdued. Growing pains were banished and when I danced and played sports nothing helped aching muscles more than my precious corn bag. Now married and with children the corn bag calmed my backaches while pregnant.

I wanted to do something special for my children and the faithful corn bag. So my children named their favorite animals, I created the original designs and viola! the corn bag critters were born! My children are attached to their corn bag critter as they sleep with it every night and it accompanies us during the day. The first thing called for during times of illness is the corn bag critter.

Once again, my grandmothers’ cupboard is working its magic on my family, as I wish it to do the same for yours.

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