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Couture Italia - Pixelmoda

At Couture Italia, it’s creators Gil Loloi and Jonathan Loloi have nurtured a tradition both of creating accessories. inspired by the glamour of their Italian spirit and pairing them with the demands of modern, contemporary culture. Gil and Jonathan have those managed to successfully merge contemporary design, quality, technical innovation, comfort and affordability. Couture Italia’s tradition culminated in Pixelmoda, a brand that is bold statement of design and quality. Pixelmoda is a celebration of Couture Italia’s tradition of flawlessly executed innovation in the popular culture of the new decade.

The Pixelmoda brand embodies our mission to continuously develop simply pleasures that not only respond to the call of the time but also the have a strong visual identity.

72 Middleneck Rd • Great Neck, New York 11021
Phone: (877) 742-6632


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