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Cupcakes & Pastries debuted during the Spring ‘09 season. The idea was clear from the beginning: “to create fun, adorable, fashion forward, yet timeless dresses for little girls, with a women’s contemporary flair”. Mother-daughter tea parties where tea, cookies, candies and cupcakes & pastries are served, was an inspirational starting point.

The fine lines of inspiration can be drawn from almost anywhere or anything. Nature, architecture, classic movies, various and exciting cultures of the world all bring inspiration to the line. Children are a wonder and full of love…their magical ways easily allow for a creative outlet.

The love of kids, fashion, colors, people and energy is the power behind Cupcakes & Pastries.
The limitless imagination in kids is our approach to design. Just have fun with it. Live Fabulously!

We hope you enjoyed your visit and please visit us again, we’re constantly expanding our collection and introducing fresh new products each season.


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110 E. 9th St. • Los Angeles, California 90079
Contact: Sumit Khanna
Phone: (818) 998-8039
Fax: (818) 998-8043


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