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Family has always been important to us. So when people started telling us that we made better baked goods that worked great for todays generation and that were easier for active families - everything around here got really exciting!

Good Quality and Great Fun are what we have committed ourselves to. Sure, it all started off when we first transformed a normal pancake breakfast into a fun adventure for our family and friends - that was just the beginning of what became a much larger adventure of seeking out and creating some of the best mixes, batters and products that we could share with our families and friends.

Life is too short for junk and yet it moves so fast that hardly anyone has time to make traditional homemade baked goods. It was a natural progression that we would initially develop “Daddy Cakes™” by starting off by adding some excitement to American tradition…The pancake breakfast! After all, the pancake breakfast is more than just a warm meal, pancake breakfasts bring people together.
There are few meals that as children we remember our dad’s actually cooking and doing exceptionally well at….Dad’s have long been the conquerer of “The Best Pancake Breakfasts!” So, now all families, friends, and community events can have fun for breakfast by using Daddy Cakes® mixes that introduce great ingredients like real fruits and creative fun.

Many of our mixes are “JAWs” (Just Add Water) and they are also portion packed - tear open a pack, add a little water and presto you are ready to be on the Food Channel! The line of Daddy Cakes® mixes are great base components that are the foundation to a wide breadth of recipes for other delicious baked goods including cakes, cupcakes, breads, cobblers and so much more. So from our family’s kitchens to yours we hope to share the wonderful flavors and easy fun of Daddy Cakes line of products. Ask your Grocer for Daddy Cakes mixes, order us online, or shop at Whole Foods Markets, Central Markets, Sprouts Farmers Market and many independent specialty retail stores.

517 Superior Ave • Newport Beach, California 92663
Contact: Dan Byers
Phone: (949) 309-2669


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