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Funky Junque

Funky Junque was founded by Linda Wolff in 2001. For 23 years, Linda has been one of the top representatives of children’s apparel in the United States. Many of her retail customers were looking to increase the sales of accessory products and asked Linda if she knew of any accessory companies that she would present to them.

After looking over the marketplace, Linda decided that she could best serve her customers by developing her own line of accessories. There were no companies out there that matched her vision of what a great accessory company should be. So, she decided to start up Funky Junque and quickly business grew.

But with growth comes the need to bring in management strength, people that can help take the company to the next level. In 2004, Linda met David Dermer, a CPA with a strong diverse background in finance, distribution, and marketing. David saw Funky Junque’s tremendous potential and in 2005, Linda and David decided to go into this business as partners to create a world class accessory company.

3657 Woodhead Drive • Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Phone: (877) 494-5678
Local: (847) 509-1234