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My name is Dan Cheal, president of Dream Big Innovations located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We have developed a new baby product called Tidy Trays. The idea for Tidy Trays was born when I took my daughter Maddy to her favorite fast food restaurant. I strapped her into the highchair and then fastened the tray in front of her. It took about two seconds to realize that the highchair tray was covered in germs, bacteria and possibly traces of peanuts or other foods that may trigger an allergic reaction. She didn’t choose to eat off that surface, it was put in front of her.
Instead of complaining, I wanted to solve the problem, not only for my daughter but for all children.
Tidy Trays are non disposable, machine washable high chair tray covers made to fit virtually every restaurant, daycare and food court tray.
Made in Canada, Tidy Trays are lab tested for safety and the patterns on them are made with organic material.

  • BPA free
  • Lead free
  • Phthalate free
  • eliminates all contact between your child and the high chair tray
  • built in sippy cup holder
P.O. Box 21150 • Thunder Bay, Ontario P7A 8A7
Contact: Dan Cheal
Phone: (807) 621-1596
Fax: (866) 396-4446


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