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EQ began a decade ago with one goal in mind: to produce stylish, efficient, premium quality swimwear for real people. As experienced swimmers and school-of-life graduates ourselves, we know that real people come in all shapes and sizes. They have different ideas about fitness, style and performance. We know that for some, the water is freedom. For others, it’s work. We’ve personally tasted the thrill of world-class competition and the giddy joy of a springboard cannonball. We understand that not everyone can look like a god in a swim suit, effortlessly glide for 400 meters and never get wrinkly after two hours in the pool. But some can. All of these wonderful individuals and experiences have inspired our product line - exceptional swimwear that’s as real as the people who use it.

10865 SW 5th Avenue • Beaverton, Oregon 97005
Phone: (503) 292-3470
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