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FAFU makes creative learning tools that help children develop their innovative thinking and social skills.

FAFU´s inspiration is to support the development of key intelligences, such as social intelligence, self awareness, body awareness and musical talents. We believe that supporting the development of those important human factors will increase children’s happiness and give them a better foundation for their future knowledge search.

FAFU is also an ethical and ecologically run business. We try as hard as we can to run a transparent business and minimize environmental affects of our production. We only work with producers with valid FLO certification (fair trade) or SA8000 (ethical certification). They also have to have some eco certification like the swan, eco-cert, GOTS or other depending on the raw material.

Ofanleiti 2 • Reykjavik 103 • Iceland
Contact: Hulda Hreidarsdottir
Phone: 354 546 0745


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