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Feather Baby

Launched in 2006 and now sold in over 350 stores nationwide, Feather Baby is designed to be your store’s go-to brand for baby gifts. Modern in design while traditional in quality, Feather Baby appeals to your customers who are moms, grandmothers and gift buyers of all ages. Young moms love the nod to fashion in our stylish colors and unique prints, while grandmothers appreciate our heirloom details.

Made in Peru and also in Asia, our ultra-soft cotton is knit specifically for Feather Baby and isn’t available anywhere else. The hand and softness is maintained through many washings. Our customers tell us they like to keep their favorite pieces and give the others to friends because our layette is built to last.

For Spring 2015, our new toddler collection, Frisk, is made from the same soft cotton and Feather Baby’s unique prints. In sizes up to 4T, Frisk is play clothes for moms who still like to see their little ones dressed like little ones.

Feather Baby offers 8 different collections each year, 4 for spring and 4 for fall. Each collection features a variety of new prints that freshen up the line and always flow nicely into the previous collection. Although we also introduce new colors, we work with the same color palette, which means fewer items move to your sale rack. Each season includes coordinating colors for twins and multiples, and also neutral colors for moms who choose not to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl.

Splitting each season into 4 monthly deliveries helps your store’s cash flow and lets you receive stock when you want it. As retailers ourselves, Feather Baby understands the challenges of selling clothes and gifts. We are constantly fine-tuning our line to help it sell better for you.

With showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, and LA, and road reps in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, Feather Baby has a strong national presence but still remains an exclusive line. Our focus is selling to specialty boutiques, and it’s important for us to keep our brand special for your store. That’s why you won’t find Feather Baby on Amazon.com or in department stores. As a staple brand for the past decade at ENK’s Children’s Club shows in New York, you can find the Feather Baby booth all 4 shows each year: January, March, August and October.

Although we cut to order, sometimes immediates become available. For Fall 2014, we presold over 100 styles but only 18 were later available as immediates. To get a much better selection, we encourage stores to order in advance.

With no minimum order, Feather Baby is an easy brand to try out. Our only requirement is that stores order 6 pieces per style, in any size run. Most styles come in six sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months.

Shipping out of Atlanta saves you time and money. Within two days, we can reach 80% of the country. West coast retailers wait only 3 days for ground shipments. We pride ourselves in shipping on time 86% of all orders and usually can process an order in one business day.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and we also ship COD. Payment terms are available for qualified stores.

The same terms are available for our new toddler line, Frisk by Feather Baby, which will launch in Spring 2015.

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Contact: Joe Peta
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