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FertaMax, an innovative, all-natural OTC supplement, provides pending Moms and Dads with peace of mind that they are optimizing their respective nutritional intakes and therefore maximizing their chances of having a healthy baby; all in a cost-effective and convenient caplet form.

FertaMax contains all of the elements of the diet recommended by fertility doctors such that couples reach the peak of their fertility and maximize the chances of conceiving.

FertaMax’s formula also provides all of the nutritional elements recommended for pending Moms to have a healthier body throughout pregnancy and, therefore, increase the chances of having a healthy baby.

FertaMax’s formulation is all-natural and consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, green foods, and extracts that are all derived from herbs, vegetables, and fruits. The supplements create an ideal alkaline environment for both ova and sperm.

FertaMax’s efficacies are further enhanced because it is offered in unique gender-specific formulas, one for men and one for women.

FertaMax for Women supports ovulation, balances hormone levels, provides antioxidant protection and generally improves reproductive wellness. The antioxidants in FertaMax supplements and protects the eggs from carcinogens due to environmental and dietary exposure.
FertaMax for Men provides support for sperm formation, enhanced sperm count, and sperm motility. It also increases testosterone levels, provides antioxidant protection and generally improves reproductive wellness.

Considering the potential costs of fertility and IVF treatments and the harmful stress that the thought of being infertile can create, FertaMax offers pending parents the ability to improve their chances of conception and, thereafter, giving birth to a healthy baby.
In their quest for parenthood, FertaMax provides Moms and Dads with the opportunity to consistently and cost-effectively have the optimum nutrition in an all-in-one tablet form (taken twice daily).

Will taking FertaMax guarantee pregnancy – absolutely not. Taking FertaMax will, however, provide pending parents with recommended nutrition to support optimum reproductive health and is an important addition to any natural fertility program.

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