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Frogs Frills and Daffodils

Frogs Frills and Daffodils began as an idea from a young mom who worked in marketing for a famous grown-up designer brand. There is something about being a first time mom that opens your eyes to the world of children’s fashion. Frogs Frills and Daffodils was the result of a first-time mom acting on her passions for quality, affordable and designer-looking clothes.

Having worked as an insider in the fashion industry, she knew the importance of quality and design and dressed her own little guy in some of the finest clothes, with designer labels and paying the price. It didn’t take long for this innovative mom to realize her dreams of being her own designer, and providing stores across the nation with some of the finest, fun, hip, classic, traditional and just cool infant and toddler clothing.

She also understood the difficulties of launching and maintaining a small business, and strived to create a better, easier way to procure children’s fashions.

Frogs Frills and Daffodils has a small and dedicated management team that works hard to provide the quality of clothing your expect for your customers, to provide you with the ease of shopping our website, to provide impeccable personal customer service, and constantly add new collections and designs at very attractive prices to build your store’s bottom line.

Our products are generally manufactured in limited quantity runs using 100% comfy and durable cotton fabrics selected from USA sources. We are pleased to serve the specialized needs of small stores, boutiques, and gift shops and do not supply to large chains.

With our dedicated and responsive factory, we offer efficient production channels for emerging brands as well. Contact us to inquire.

Our labels include:

  • Frogs Frills and Daffodils - Playtimes, Western Wear, Boutique Denims
  • Daffodil Girls - Bright and trendy
  • MASON and the boys - All boys all the time
  • Marys Little Lambs - Beautiful classic styles
  • Vintage Mary Classics - Retro styles made new
  • Blanco Blanco - White Blanks, made for enhancements

Girls and boys, infants to toddlers, twins and sibling sets too.

Wholesale minimum order is only $100, and replenishments are easily available while stock lasts (available inventory qty is on our web site). No pre-packs. Order any mix of styles / sizes / seasons / labels! And it ships immediately from stock!

Many shops order and re-order frequently, which allows them to control their cash flow and maintain a constantly fresh mix of inventory for their specific market.

We want to be your favorite supplier!

Find out more by registering for our wholesale online access. As one store said, we offer “Boutique clothes for REAL kids!”

23881 Via Fabricante • Mission Viejo, California 92691
Contact: Mary Cook
Phone: (949) 716-0500