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Funtasia Too

Bright and colorful fabrics with whimsical appliqués are a tradition with Funtasia Too. From green-eyed zebras to hot pink flamingos, Funtasia brings fun to children’s clothes. Their eyes light up when they see frog legs that move, ghosts hidden in a pumpkin and fish that swim around a hemline.

Fine fabrics and comfortable styles have always been a hallmark of Funtasia design since it’s beginning in 1975. Known for the versatility of special holiday tabs that can be changed, this company emphasizes practicality.

Infant and toddler brother/sister outfits are designed for all occasions and are often complimented with something special for big sister. It is not unusual for a whole family group to wear Funtasia and of course to even hand it down to the next generation. The cute Funtasia look is timeless.

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