Gallucci s.r.l.

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Gallucci s.r.l.

Born from experience in orthopaedic footwear production, which conjugates more than 50 years of attention to details, typical of Italian Made products, with the fitting studied for the maximum comfort and the natural movement of children’s feet from babies to 12 year olds. The production is undertaken entirely in Monte Urano, in the heart of Italy’s Marche footwear region. Expert craftsmen guarantee the use of the best materials and of both traditional and modern equipment. Quality and detail is monitored throughout the production cycle. This results with shoes which are unique in design, quality and attention to detail.

GALLUCCI shoes are distributed throughout major markets of the world with great appreciation of their quality as confirmation of the validity of the Company Mission which is: to produce quality shoes according to the most rigorous Italian Tradition, guaranteeing comfort and wellbeing to children’ s feet.

Viale I° Maggio, 53 • Monte Urano, AP 63015 • Italy
Phone: 39 0734 847174
Fax: 39 0734 847121