Mattresses. As pure as the Baby. And yes, affordable too!

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A newborn baby. So tiny. So pure. So fragile.

As parents, we want to give our children the world and protect them from all the harms of life. Tiny faces. Little hands. Miniature people. They come into our lives so pure and clean, trusting us to provide for all their needs and keep them safe.

When my husband Sam, and I were expecting our first baby, we set out to look for the purest baby products so we can raise our son Charles with the organic lifestyle that we’ve already become accustomed to. However, once we became aware of the prohibitive prices of even the simple bedding basics, we were dismayed. What about all the parents out there who wanted the best for their children, but couldn’t afford it? Should health have a price tag? And what about all those children, who were daily being exposed to chemicals and noxious substances, when a healthier option was available, but inaccessible, simply due to lack of money!

Determined and driven, we decided to craft a safe, comfortable and healthy mattress, and provide it to the public at an affordable price. And so, with the birth of our son, Charles, Greenbuds was born, giving all parents the opportunity to provide their children with the best start on life. Because at Greenbuds, we truly believe that health shouldn’t have a price.

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