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Hot Mama ink

hot (adj.) Arousing intense interest, excitement, or energy

ma-ma (n.) A woman who raises and nurtures another

ink (verb) To inscribe a permanent message

A Hot Mama defines herself by the style that she wears, the attitude she declares, and the bond that she shares with her baby. Hot Mama ink is designed to embrace all that a mother is, and all she wants to be, with its one-of-a-kind artwork, designed for the Hot Mama in every woman.
Hot Mama ink’s line of clothing and accessories will add sizzle, style and sex appeal to any woman’s wardrobe…whether you are a mother or not.

Now available, the Hot Mama ink line includes items such as hoodies, yoga pants, tees and specialty items such as maternity apparel and baby slings. All items feature original tattoo inspired artwork which celebrate the mother/child bond with an edgy rock and roll feel.

PO Box 235207 • Encinitas, California 92023
Phone: (858) 759-9411


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