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Käthe Kruse Puppen GMBH

“The hand follows the heart” Continuing the motto of our founder, the Käthe Kruse Company has been focused on children for more than 100 years. The Käthe Kruse brand has a responsibility to stand

  • for faith - quality and safety,
  • for tradition and culture - a doll to love, an attendant of childhood for generations,
  • for attitude of life - soft, warm, in good hands, love and trust,
  • for orientation and values - complex and loving handwork and originality,
  • for healthy, age-appropriate development - creativity, imagination, speech and feelings and
  • for good design - happy, stimulating curiosity, colorful, innovative.

Hand-crafted baby products from Europe: terry comfort towels, towel dolls, infant fabric dolls, musicals, and mobiles.

2428 Newport Blvd. • Suite 8 • Costa Mesa, California 92627
Contact: Rex Tompkins
Phone: (949) 631-7600
Fax: (949) 631-7675