KK and Friends, Inc.

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KK and Friends, Inc.

Journey to Feeling Free Island and join KK as she introduces you to her bakers’ dozen of delightful Friends - characters that symbolize the array of primary feelings considered universal to humanity; love, joy, worry, anger, sadness, happiness, loneliness, grumpiness, shyness, panic, caution and confidence!

This pre-to-beginner reader book empowers children to identify and express the feelings that hide inside them waiting to be recognized and understood. “The Feeling Friends characters are animals and insects presented in real-life situations that teach children about feelings and healthy ways to express them. The Feeling Friends are good for children,” says school psychologist Kathy J. Philyaw, Ph.D.

This children’s book allows each Feeling Friend to reveal his or her identity while experiencing the benefits of sharing feelings. The Feeling Friends thrive in the ideal climate where honesty, truth, mutual respect, appropriate timing, and expression, come together to create security and acceptance of feelings - for ourselves and others.

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