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Once upon a time in the suburban forests of America a young mother went shopping for clothes for her little boy. In store after store she found outfits for small bankers and businessmen, but nothing for a cool little boy who liked skating and was a little bit rock n’ roll.
“This line is too boring.” She said, looking at the first rack in dismay.
“These outfit are too preppy,” she sighed about the second.
And then suddenly she had an idea. Why not create her own line of clothing; something cool that reflected the lifestyles of the parents and kids? With emphasis on skater-retro-rockabilly Knuckleheads clothing was born.

Wanting to keep her business personal like the good old days, Melissa Nash asked her family to help with her vision of hip children’s clothes. Within just a few months Knuckleheads was in stores and finally skater dads and retro-rock glamour moms had a quality line of clothes that fit their family’s style.

Four successful years later, Knuckleheads had more than proved its place in children’s clothes; possibly because each piece was Nash kid approved before they were created. Melissa looked at her fashionable kids line and sighed with relief. “Now, this line is just right,” she declared.

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