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La-Le Kids' Imports, Inc.

Kishorit’s toy factory raises the flag of blue/white manufacturing by the village members. Those working there manage to convert a block of wood into a toy using their own two hands, after which it is packed and continues to exist as childhood scenery and as part of the developmental process amongst children 1-6 years of age around the world.

Diverse parts of the toy production process provide work for people of different levels of functioning and offers a broad range of jobs according to each member’s limitations and abilities, with the possibility of shifting from one department to another according to their changing needs. For certain members repetitive, conveyor-belt type work is apt, while for others diversified physical labor is appropriate. Some members are better suited for working in a group, while yet others prefer a private and individual workspace. Working helps members develop attributes of exactitude, concentration, manual labor, perseverance, control and individual considerations.

Thirty people work in the factory, with an employee-member ratio of 2:1. All the meals and coffee breaks are shared, birthdays are celebrated together, and a friendly, supportive and cooperative atmosphere reigns there.

The interaction with outside employees aids the rehabilitation process and improves the members’ self-image. Nowhere in the factory is there a sign ‘Staff only’. On the other hand, the members must be serious and diligent; punctuality and attendance are insisted on and a member who cannot come to work must report in, exactly like the salaried employees.
The products of Pasteltoys are unique for their ‘Once upon a time’ design, and are noted for this within the toy market. Their design is naïve and unsophisticated, and the use of pastel colors affords children who play with the toy a harmonious, calm and relaxed mood. Parents who purchase the toys for their children enjoy a feeling of nostalgia and the added value embedded in the purchase itself – participating and contributing to Kishorit.

All the toys are produced with high awareness of the use of natural materials, uncompromising quality and finish. All bear the Israel Standards Mark. We are currently seeking foreign marketing outlets and hope to export the toys, despite the stiff competition from Far Eastern manufacturers.

In addition to marketing through boutique shops and networks, there is a factory shop that sells the products in full view of the members who manufacture them. This knowledge imbues them with great pride in their productivity, for being part of the blue/white industry, and above all, the magic primacy discovered every time that a child points to a toy and says, “I want that”.

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