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Lillibands/LilliWear is the creation of Jen Newman, the former owner of a local folk art shop in Decatur, Georgia. When Jen’s daughter, Lilly, was born in September of 2006 she wanted a cute, feminine accessory for Lilly’s bald head and could not find a headband that would actually stay put. With a huge passion for fashion (and sewing), Jen created the very first Lilliband. Since then, Lillibands has expanded to adorn the heads of girls all over the country. (and growing)

Once Jen’s Lillibands took off, so did Jen’s creativity. She then wanted really cute and functional clothes for Lilly to run around in. With Jen’s very messy daughter (see pic below!) , Lilly, came the reversible “Messy Girl” dress. Just flip it over and she’s clean again! In July 2009, LilliWear was born. With fabulous fabrics and comfortable designs, LilliWear was an instant hit! From here, who knows what’ll be next? Oh, did we mention that all of our products are proudly made right here in Atlanta, GA?

79 Dartmouth Ave • Avondale Estates, Georgia 30002
Contact: Jen Newman
Phone: (404) 316-5265