Main Profile


Lunchbox, a Los Angeles based company, offers fresh and innovative products to the children’s market, including functional plush items, gift sets, and seasonal apparel collections.

Our lineup of plush features the patent protected Bottle Pets™, a fun gift collection of baby bottle holders that can also be used for sippy cups as well as water bottles and other beverage containers.

Our apparel leans towards vintage. It is a collection not constrained by matching sets but defined by coordinating pieces that can be mixed and matched into an exceptional array of choice outfits. It is line that mirrors adult contemporary fashions, and though inspired by the runways, we keep the line child-like by mixing in playful details and comfortable fabrics. We draw from an eclectic mix of influences that range from the 1960’s Riviera to vintage prep school athletic. We blend east-coast classic with west coast casual into an original and wearable collection.

Lunchbox aims to create a community where simple ideas can come to life and evolve into new and exciting products.

12402 Sarah Street • Studio City, California 91604
Phone: (818) 508-4299
Fax: (818) 508-4298