Mamalicious® by Bliss Nutritional Sciences, Inc.

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Mamalicious® by Bliss Nutritional Sciences, Inc.

Mamalicious® is a movement. We believe that what women eat is important for the health of our future generations. We believe that mothers are the ultimate bodybuilders. In a world filled with delectable temptations we want to give women a better option.

MAMALICIOUS® IN VIVACIOUS VANILLA, the world’s first prenatal protein powder, for moms and moms-to-be IS NOW AVAILABLE! It’s All-Natural, Stevia sweetned and Gluten free. Mamalicious® is only 90 calories per serving and includes 10 grams of organic brown rice protein, folic acid and B vitamins, calcium and EpiFactors™ and many other nutritious ingredients.

The Mamalicioius® Story

Aimee Rickabus share how her nutritional beverage began:

“I used to make Mamalicious® just for myself, but so many other mamas asked me to make it for them, that I decided to make it for other women –– pre-pregnant, pregnant, breastfeeding, and those just needing more energy.

Since my own mama is a pharmacist, she worked with me to create a very delicious, very natural, nutritional beverage. Mamalicious® is an easy way to make mamas happier and babies healthier through the whole process. Here is a link to more nutritional information:

2802 Dow Ave. • Tustin, California 92780
Contact: Aimee H. Ricabus
Phone: (855) 369-6262


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