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Moo Boo’s was inspired by the love a mother has for her newborn baby. The pride a mother feels when she brings a baby home for the first time. She wants the world to see what a beautiful miracle she has been blessed with and that is what led the designer to create this breathtakingly elegant beginning.

The head designer, with years of experience in art and design and having experienced this wonderful feeling of motherhood herself, has used romantic and vivid fabrics to capture the innocence of infancy with the perfect wardrobe and accessories for mother and child.

Shortly after introducing the fabulous infant line and being approached by numerous companies to expand the line, Moo Boo’s designer decided to go a step further and create a luxurious lifestyle for toddlers up to size 12. With the newest addition of Moo Boo’s Closet, they are well on their way to filling the closets of young fashionistas everywhere.

Whether it’s the first day home, a toddler play date, or a Sunday brunch with the girls, your princess will be the talk of the tea party with her timeless wardrobe fit for royalty.

Having their own factory enables Moo Boo’s to pride themselves in the quality of their product. From the first sketch and design of the outfit, to the final stitch, they are hands on and involved to make sure that every piece is 100% perfection. Made in the USA allows Moo Boo’s to monitor all production and insure timely delivery.

Customer satisfaction is always number one with Moo Boo’s and every effort is taken to insure that every customer is delighted to call themselves a Moo Boo’s fanatic!

Moo Boo’s has a look that will fit perfectly with every girl’s unique personality and she will be sure to turn heads throughout her childhood.

Moo Boo’s…an elegant beginning to a luxurious lifestyle!

P.O. Box 1061 • Bacliff, Texas 77518
Phone: (832) 867-8636
Fax: (281) 559-2935