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numi numi design

Inspiring Curiosity - numi numi design is dedicated to exploring new ideas about the form and texture of children’s furniture. Our products encourage children and parents to enjoy unique usages of shape, form, and transparency. They foster children’s natural curiosity through sensory experiences.

Our look is both innovative and timeless. We detail our crib slats with designs of growing grass, and cut-out patterns resembling Swiss cheeses holes rather than traditional, severe bars.
Colorful, durable transparent material is another design element we integrate into our products, which allows babies to see beyond their crib.

We believe that children’s spaces should be sensory-rich, comfortable, well-organized, environmentally friendly, and encourage curiosity.

Green is Good
Our designs are innovative, economical, and functional. Most infant and toddler furniture is quickly outgrown. Changing tables are usually discarded and most cribs need replacing after a few, brief years. numi numi design products are designed to grow with children, ending this cycle of waste.

459 Ocampo Drive • Pacific Palisades, California 90272
Phone: (310) 310-0565