Pacific Play Tents, Inc.

Where your imagination is limitless

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Pacific Play Tents, Inc.

Pacific Play Tents is a privately owned company dedicated to providing children with creative, high quality and imaginative products for indoor and outdoor use. As parents of small children, we have tried to design products that stimulate our children’s imagination and teach them how to interact with each other. Unlike video or computer games, playing “tent” allows us to use our imagination and be anything we want - anywhere we want. We have designed all of our tents and tunnels to be interchangeable. Buy two or three different tents and connect them together through a maze of tunnels. You can create your very own city of tents and secret hiding places, winding through your very own space.

2801 East 12th Street • Los Angeles, California 90023
Contact: Maria Morales
Phone: (877) 722-0083
Local: (323) 269-0431
Fax: (323) 269-2761