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Penton Oversees, Inc.

Penton Overseas, Inc. is a leader in developing innovative programs targeted to the very real needs of those who live, work, and play in the global environment of today.

Language Learning Programs
Years ago a language choice was “French or Spanish?” Today we live in one world shared by speakers of 6,809 languages. Emerging economies around the globe, political and social changes, a very mobile work force, all drive demand for languages considered obscure in the oh-so-recent past. Penton offers programs in over 30 languages and continues to increase its offerings in the key languages. All in all, keeping our finger on the pulse of global change, keeps our products and methods of delivery at the forefront of language learning.

Self-Help and Life-long Learning
The audio focus of many of the language learning programs led to extending our product line to Audiobooks. Their ability to enhance knowledge and understanding while on-the-go launched Penton Audio line of business, investing, and personal development Audiobooks, many of which are under license from the prestigious John Wiley and Sons, Inc. publishing house.

Early Learning and Educational Focus
As language learning products reached out to early learners, the company launched the imprints Smart Kids® and Penton Kids Press, with the Smart Kids focus on education and development skills while the Penton Kids Press incorporates novelty features into books that engage the attention of toddlers to preschoolers. Both lines focus on making interaction with books a very positive experience.

Penton’s marketing and development teams are keenly aware of the changes in where, when, and how people want to learn. We are constantly adapting and upgrading our products to meet our customers’ needs.

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