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Pink Lemonade Baby Accessories

Pink lemonade was born from two best friends who know the benefits of baby wearing and the necessity of style. We began sewing slings and nursing covers in cute and fashionable prints for our girlfriends and ourselves. Whenever we would wear them in public, people would comment how adorable they were and ask how they could buy one.

As women-on-the-go, we understand the importance of having our hands free to multi-task. Life is so fun and exciting we don’t want our kids to miss out on a single moment. “Nobody puts baby in a corner!” Complication free design, eye catching fabrics and uncompromising quality… doesn’t everybody love a little pink lemonade?

21132 Surfwood Lane • Huntington Beach, California 92646
Phone: (714) 553-3296
Fax: (714) 960-3253


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