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My name is Donna Brin and I’m a brand new toy maker in Brooklyn, NY. Pueri Elemental made its debut at Int’l Toy Fair 2012 with Eco-Bonk, the first inflatable bop bag custom-fitted with plush organic cotton covers and screen-printed with fun-loving animals who take on the shape of the toy, offering a gentle alternative to rough-and-tumble playtime. It’s made in the USA; it’s earth-friendly; it’s built to last and it’s no Bozo … oh and a portion of our proceeds are donated to Wildlife Alliance and there are interactive storybook apps that feature these super-cute animals sold separately.

101 Broadway, Suite 408 • Brooklyn, New York 11249
Contact: Donna Brin
Phone: (866) 639-1430
Local: (866) 639-1430


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