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Q Collection Junior

Q Collection Junior™ is the newest member of the Q Collection® family. And, like most new babies, its arrival was eagerly anticipated. But certain things can’t be rushed. Like healthy babies, which is what this story is all about.

You see, since our beginning, Q Collection has been known for creating beautifully designed furniture and textiles that are safe for people, safe for the planet. Creating the same thing for children, especially infants, was unusually challenging. But we’re proud to say we now have an entire line of children’s furniture and bedding made to the standards you’ve always known us to maintain. We feel it’s been worth the wait, and hope you share in that feeling.

Our entire line of children’s furniture and bedding is made to the toughest environmental standards anywhere. Everything we do is designed to eliminate anything harmful or toxic in the products themselves, or in the way they’re made. It is the reason we exist. Truth is, no furniture company does more to protect our children and their planet than we do.

But that’s just part of our story. We think the look and functionality of our products are just as important as their health and safety. After all, if you are inviting our products into your home, and into your child’s room, they should be beautiful, elegant, and whimsical.

And while Q Collection may be known for our furniture, Q Collection Junior goes even farther, with a line of organic baby bedding made to the same exacting standards. Our thinking was simple - why go to such lengths to design a healthy, non-toxic crib if babies were going to sleep on bedding made with harmful materials? So we’ve made sure that you have a choice of bedding that is as healthy for your child as our furniture.

After all, at Q Collection and Q Collection Junior, we don’t just sell products - we sell peace of mind. People Safe. Planet Safe.

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